messageWhere Do I Enter or Delete 1099-R in TurboTax
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TurboTax Technical Support Number
1099-R is a form structure in TurboTax that you have to fill when you get $10 or more from your retirement plan.
Follow these steps to enter 1099-R
1. Go to the tax return form and access the 1099-R.
2. Select “Jump to connect”
3. Mark “Yes” on “Your 1099-R” option and continue the process.
4. Select “Include another 1099-R” option if you get any section screen.
5. Now by following the given guidelines, you can complete the procedure.
Follow these steps to delete 1099-R
1. Go the government form in your TurboTax
2. Select 1099-R and go to “Hop to connection”
3. Go to the “Your 1099-R Entries” screen and open the 1099-R structure
4. Select “delete” option and click “Yes” to confirm the deletion process.
These steps are quite simple to follow but in case you get into trouble you can call at TurboTax Helpline Number for maximum support.
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