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The beech floor is brown, the surface has vertical stripes, no "sesame seeds", the market many high-priced "beech", "European white beech" mostly beech phrases, the surface of the sesame-like small, , Consumers must be carefully selected when buying. Solid wood flooring This floor retains the natural wood grain of the solid wood floor and comfortable foot feel elasticity, especially when selecting the quality of the panel. Three-layer solid wood composite floor, the surface to take more high-quality broad-leaved species, such as oak, maple, cherry, ash, etc., the surface thickness of 4 mm -7 mm. Multi-layer solid wood composite flooring often multi-layer plywood as the substrate, the surface decoration panel with hardwood laminated, the thickness is usually between 0.2 mm -0.8 mm. Strengthen the composite floor to hard fiber board, medium density fiberboard, particleboard as the substrate impregnated paper film veneer laminated composite, wear resistance, tidy, uniform color, but the elasticity of foot as solid wood flooring. Choose not to be too much emphasis on wear-resistant indicators. But should try to choose a lower formaldehyde emission brand, after the shop should also maintain indoor ventilation. According to foreign standards, formaldehyde emission is less than 10mg100g for the green building materials.
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