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Since Dior Dior's birth, he has created countless designs to marvel at the world, and several of them are Dior's historical classics. Lady Dior is one of the most famous series in Fake Dior bags online. In 1995, it sang internationally because of the sympathy with Dai Dai. Now that the beauty has gone, Lady Dior continues to carry the mysterious temperament and noble dream of the "Princess" with its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant appearance.

Replica Lady Dior handbag and the story of Princess Diana
? When it comes to Lady Dior, I have to mention its relationship with Princess Diana. In September 1995, Lady Dior handbags appeared on the front page of the major media, and the fashion industry called the "big machine late" accessories. It was named "Lady Dior", and the more direct reason came from the late Princess Diana. In 1996, when Princess Diana attended the “Cezanne Exhibition” sponsored by the LVMH Group and held at the Grand Palais Grand Palais in Paris, Mrs. Jacques Chirac (former French President's wife) presented a new Dior handbag to her.

When she took the Replica discount handbag to visit the Founding ion for Conductive Education in Birmingham, England, Princess Diana met a lovely boy and hugged him. This picture happened to be captured by the British royal photographer Janye Fincher, and the black handbag held by Princess Diana was followed by everyone's eyes.

Lady Dior production process:
The plaid of Lady Dior handbags is called Cannage, and Cannage is inspired by a chair by Napoleon III. In 1947, Mr. Dior used this chair to entertain his guests in his own fashion show. In 1996, the leather craftsman of the factory reinterpreted Cannage, which was integrated into the Lady Dior handbag and became an important part of the handbag.

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