messageTeach you how to identify the material of the designer bag is not leather?
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Teach you how to identify brand-name bags of different leathers? When you buy a Replica Luxury Handbag, you generally prefer to choose a bag of leather material. One is because the bag of the leather can show the grade, and the other is because the bag of the leather is more durable and durable. At present, there are three kinds of leather in the market, mainly leather, recycled leather and PU artificial leather. Today, I introduce the characteristics of these three kinds of leather materials to help you find a suitable one when choosing a Fake Discount Bags Online.

The leather is generally the raw skin of cattle, sheep, pigs, and other animals, and is processed into various leather materials. The dermis is divided into two types: the top layer and the second layer. The top layer is directly processed from raw hides such as cows, sheep and pigskin with grain. Full grain skin can distinguish the animal skin from the pore size and density. The second layer of skin is a loose layer of fibrous structure in the original skin. It is processed by chemical spraying or coating with PVC and PU film.

The distinction between the top layer and the second layer is to observe the fiber density of the longitudinal section of the skin. The top layer of skin consists of a dense and thin layer of fibers and a slightly loose layer that is closely attached to it; the second layer of skin has only a loose fibrous tissue layer, and is sprayed with chemical raw materials or polished. After the more popular leather.

The regenerated skin is made by pulverizing the waste skin and the leather waste of the animal and then processing the chemical raw materials. Its characteristics are that the edges of the skin are relatively neat, the utilization rate is high, and the price is cheap; but the skin is generally thick and the strength is poor. This is the main material for making embossed leather shoes in small products factories.

Imitation leather or rubber compound is a general term for artificial materials such as PVC and PU. It is made of PVC or PU foaming or laminating on various textile fabrics or non-woven fabrics. It is characterized by a wide variety, good waterproof performance, neat edges and high utilization rate. The Replica High Quality Handbags Price is cheaper than the leather.

The high-grade PU, the surface texture of the fibrous material of the base material, almost reaches the effect of the dermis, and its price is comparable to the price of the domestic top layer leather. There are many people who advocate environmental protection in foreign countries, and they all like to choose bags with advanced PU materials.

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