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Analysis girls when Dating
Girls are famous for their mystery and sometimes men find it difficult to understand them, but not for you. After reading this article, any girl will be at a glance.
Woman's look

Furtively looked at you appraisingly, but still want to run something with a friend. You're her type and you can start Dating. Just don't do this clumsy, look look, but the approach should be sensible. If the eyes open and the caller, it does not mean that she invites you to bed, most likely an independent woman who is not accustomed to go, no one on about and even if someone she likes, she will still be with him in confrontation. If looks after, and this view is easily felt on the butt, it is a rating of your physique. Try to start a conversation, and if the refusal is not received, then the score was the highest and you have a whole bunch of chances. Stupid look, giggles, avoids a direct sight – fuse.

Woman's stand

The girls have only two types of poses that they take at the first meeting or when meeting – it's arrogant with a challenge or modest. And both can mean almost anything. To determine, which meant one or the other of its stand it is necessary to study in more detail and women, and all that is characteristic of the different types. Standing straight and looking proud, not shy of strangers, haven't decided what to do with you and will do anything to do at all. Bowed his head, Sharmila shoulders, chewing his lip, then thoughts came and she cubature about continue Dating. And if talking over the shoulder or lip – expressing contempt in the manner peculiar to women.

Gestures women

Usually women are stingy on any gestures, but only for those who can not show observation. If the lady begins to twitch, preening various parts of the body, shaking off non-existent specks of dust, correcting hair, bust, straps, pants or skirt... - waiting. Clearly you want something, so she's nervous, and because look want I got all nervous. If the flirts with you, grabs you by the arm – ready to meet you, but if kicking in the balls – not ready. By the way, if a lady powders her nose or paints her lips in your presence, it does not mean that she shows you confidence or calls for anything – it's just her bad manners and disrespect for your presence.

Woman's words

What's that, and the talkers will talk, malceski – silent. In one case, it is a manifestation of emotions in relation to the moment, and in another lifestyle. It is at this point that you should determine what a lady is and if in the process of emotional recovery she is able to bring you to white heat, then be sure, calming down, will only bring to red. But if the girlfriend dumped you from the very beginning, and govarivali and silence for you is gold. You can not even bathe within the meaning of its phrases, just do your job and all.

Woman's clothes

Another thing, due to which girls often fly past of their own destiny. Painfully they want that they had everything perfectly and mind, and conscience and honor and even equipment. And Madame herself appreciates everything from lace panties to coat hangers, if she does not have a dead Teddy bear as a mink. In General, all women are too sensitive to their clothes, because they believe that they complement the outfit, but not Vice versa. If a man does not appreciate such a view, he strikes at the heart, that's why you should be able to pretend, admiring the ladies ' outfit. But if a lady comes on a date in clothes that do not match my description, then she, as well as you, appearance on the drum and she, alas, is not a woman.
Behavior of women

The behavior of the ladies can be either stupid or very stupid. This is due to the fluids that occur in beauties in contact with the opposite sex. From the outside it looks idiotic, but I wouldn't sharpen on it attention. This behavior is common to all women, but only if the partner makes a proper impression on them. For the sake of such male ladies are ready for everything, and their consciousness is lost in depths of magic charms of the Charmer. If the woman behaves as the successful lawyer in the process, means, the man doesn't touch her and everything occurs in firm mind and sober memory. Often when the start Dating a girl begins to behave not absolutely adequately prevailing situation, sensitive to jokes, takes everything said to heart, tries with all his behavior to show complete indifference to you as a potential friend and partner is Zlatousta. She has a crush on you and all her behavior is controlled by the subconscious, so there is no need to be offended.

Woman's habits

I do not want to write about all sorts of girly harmful habits, but apparently nothing can be done. Mostly girly malicious vrednymi. They absolutely do not care whether they like a man or not, but to spoil everything from the very beginning so clearly on forces. Their bad habit to stand always on the, can get even the balanced person, and thoroughly. No lady ever does anything on time, women get into conversations, they break plans, put men's friendship at stake, speculate with feelings.... But it was still forgivable as long as the beauties began to thump, smoke and inject. If before women were able to push you around man for his harmful addictions, and now everyone is not only equal, but also brought men into saints. I sometimes find it funny when a beautiful woman with a "bull" in her teeth, puffing like an avid smoker, discusses the shortcomings of her man. And women quickly get used to money, luxury, respect, equality, and... - sit on the neck, which is also a bad habit.

The curtain give the most striking example of female expression – make-up. Makeup once again proves and suggests where the lady should be and why. If this is a festive camouflage, but she goes slowly, and without a gentleman, it is possible that she is just looking for new friends. But if the make-up is not bright, it is unlikely that you will succeed, even if you are three times cute, she will try to dump at any cost, because it's you do not care how you look, the girls are far from symbolic. That is why you should never get acquainted with the girl who came out to throw garbage or coming out of the depths of the sea without water-insoluble mascara and lipstick. The quality and quantity of war paint a woman chooses herself, that's why a man does not need to interfere in this process, and even more so to criticize it.

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